current house churches


Jose & Martha Ventura

Meets the 1st Sunday, monthly

11am Service


Kids: Yes 

(323) 313-3299

Boris & Mari Wooden

Meets the 2nd Saturday, monthly

6pm Service

south st. pete

Kids: Yes 

(269) 348-6841

Orlando & Stephanie Ramirez

Meets the 3rd Sunday, quarterly

11am Service

st. pete

Kids: Yes

(727) 282-6252

Diane & Carlexxus Palacio

Meets the 3rd Sunday, monthly

11am Service

st. pete (lealman)

Kids: Yes

(727) 542-1695

Jim & Lori Corrao

Meets the 2nd Sunday, monthly

11am Service

madeira beach

Kids: No 

(727) 289-7556

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