However God calls you to faithfully give, we want to make it simple. Calvary Chapel Fellowship St. Pete offers three options for online giving: 1) SimpleChurch Mobile App, 2) Text Giving, 3) Church Website. While you may give as you prefer, we highly recommend the Mobile App since it is directly linked to our SimpleChurch management software and provides the greatest flexibility with immediate access to view your giving. While all three online giving options are very easy to use, here are step-by-step instructions for each option.

Getting Started:

• To use this app you must first have a church account in our SimpleChurch database. If you don’t have an account, please complete and submit a CCFSP Fellowship Info Form. Once processed, you will receive your SimpleChurch login info and ID/Envelope# for giving.

• Next, go to your phone App Store and download the free SimpleChurch Lifestyle app.

• Open the SimpleChurch app. Each time you sign in, you will need to enter the following:

1) The “domain” name for Enter our domain: ccfstpete

2) Username – The username for your SimpleChurch account.

3) Password – The password for your SimpleChurch account.

• Tap “Sign In” and your name will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap the “Give” option on the green bar above your name. A small menu box will appear for you to enter the Amount, Method, Fund, and Frequency of your gift. You will first need to set up your payment method(s).

Setting Up Your Payment Method:

• In the Method box, tap “Select,” and then Add a new payment method. You may enter a credit/debit card, bank account, or both. For cards, you can “Quick Scan” the card and “Save.”

• Once your info is saved, you can go <Back to enter your gift.

• Next, enter the Amount, select the Method, Fund, and Frequency of your gift (One Time or Recurring).

• This will take you to the site where you will enter your Gift Amount and tap “Give.”

• Your gift will process and be confirmed in a new screen that reads Success.

• If Safari is your web browser, a small message box may appear that says, “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.” Simply tap “OK” and close the app.

• You will soon receive an email confirmation from ShelbyNext Giving of your Online Donation.

Tips for Using the SimpleChurch Mobile App:

• Once you have signed in, tap on your name to view your SimpleChurch account where you can scroll down to see your Details.

• You can upload a photo by tapping on the round profile icon at the top of the screen under My Details. A black screen will appear. Tap “Edit” at the bottom to Choose or Take a Photo to add as your profile picture.

• To view your giving record, tap “Giving” next to Details. Any gift made from the mobile app or our other online giving options will post within minutes to your SimpleChurch giving record.

Getting Started:

• Please note, text giving is for Credit/Debit Card use only!
• First, enter and save our CCFSP Text Giving number into your phone contacts: 727-888-6554.

• Next, send a text to this number. Simply enter an amount (Ex: $10) and Send the text.

• If you are a first-time text-giving donor, you will receive a reply to “Please complete this onetime registration to submit your gift,” and tap the URL link to

• Once you open this Registration link, you will enter your credit/debit card information using numbers only with no dashes. (If you include dashes–the card number will not be accepted.)

• Enter the amount of your donation and tap Give.

• You will then receive a confirmation text stating, “Your CCFSP giving was successful.”

Tips for Future Text Giving Donations:

• If you only text a monetary value, the funds are attributed to our default General fund.

• (Ex: $50 = will go to General fund) • If you text “Funds” you will receive a reply text including a list of the fund names you can choose to donate to.

• If you text the amount + fund name, the funds will be attributed to that fund name.

• (Ex: $10 Building)

• If the fund name you texted does not match, you will receive a message with a list of fund

• names for you to choose from. Respond with the number of the correlating fund.

• If you text “Help,” you will receive a reply text that states: “To give, enter the amount you want to give, such as 100. You can also give to a specific fund by typing it after your amount, such as “100 building fund.”

• If you text “Reset,” you will receive a reply text that states: “Saved card information successfully removed. Please register your card information again when making your next gift by texting an amount to this number.”

Getting Started:

• From the church website, click on the “Give Online” tab at top of the home page. This takes you directly to our CCF Shelby Giving, “Give Now” page.

• Would you like to give without setting up a donor account? Simply select your Fund, enter donation Amount, then enter your preferred payment method, and select Submit.

• Already a registered donor? Click the “Sign In” tab at top of the page, then enter your email and password.

• Forgot your password? Click Forgot Password and enter your email to get a reset link.

Setting Up Your Donor Profile:

• Please note, this online option requires an email address as the username. (TIP: You now have an option to create a Ministry ID so your username and password login are the same for your SimpleChurch account and Shelby Giving. From Shelby Giving “Sign In” page, scroll down and select Login With Ministry ID to create an account.)

• Enter your email address and password.

• Password must be at least 8 characters and must contain a combination of letters and numbers.

• Remember these login credentials! You will need them to access your Donor Profile.

One Time Gifts:

• Login by entering your email address and password.

• Select which Fund you would like to donate to from the drop-down list.

• Enter your donation amount.

• From the “I’d Like to Give By” drop-down menu, add your card or bank information and billing details.

• Click “Submit” to process your donation.

Automatic Recurring Donations – Credit/Debit Cards:

• Login by entering your email address and password.

• Select which Fund you would like to donate to from the drop-down list.

• Enter your donation amount.

• Select the box  MAKE THIS GIFT RECURRING.
• Enter the Frequency, Number of Gifts, and Start Date.

• Click “Submit” to start your recurring donation schedule.